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Villas and houses in Zamalek

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Villas for sale in Zamalek, Cairo

A house in Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt can become a great asset in portfolios of businessmen and investors specializing in the international real estate market. A stable rental yield, high liquidity, and rapid capital gains will ensure an impressive return on investment. With excessive interest from wealthy home-hunters and tenants, houses for sale in Zamalek, Cairo have remained attractive as investments over many years. That is the reason why buyers interested in property in Cairo should have a look at what Zamalek has to offer.

Sprawling across the northern part of Gezira Island, Zamalek is famous as a high-end community and home for expats and wealthy Egyptians. It accommodates most of Cairo’s embassies and consulates, which is why the district’s streets are crowded with an impressive number of security details. Owners and tenants of local real estate, such as a villa in Zamalek, can safely walk here at any time of the day.

Houses for sale in Zamalek draw the eye with their magnificent architecture and luxurious amenities. Many residences boast high-quality finishings, swimming pools, private gardens, walk-in wardrobes, fireplaces, garages or outdoor parking spaces, etc. Villas in Zamalek for investment and permanent residence are a perfect choice for foreigners and other people seeking a luxurious and private lifestyle, as well as families who need a lot of space for the children.

Living in Zamalek

Life in Zamalek is famous for the following features:

  1. Art and culture. Tourists flock here for the sake of museums, art galleries, and antiquity boutiques
  2. High security. There are several security checkpoints in the territory of Zamalek
  3. Convenient areas for walking. Local residents can take a quiet walk in well-designed pedestrian areas with amenities
  4. Unique architecture. Buildings in this district look like luxurious antique palaces
  5. Picturesque nature. The tallest and lushest trees in Cairo are found here, forming green areas and parks, lining sidewalks, and creating a comfortable shaded area for walks
  6. Stunning sights. El Montazah St in Zamalek accommodates Nile City Towers, an impressive business center rising above the waters of the Nile and flaunting lights at nighttime, so locals and tourists can enjoy incredible views from their windows
  7. Educational establishments. The diversity of language schools and other international schools located in this district is aimed at meeting the needs of expats who chose this location as their permanent residence and providing their children with first-rate education
  8. Healthcare institutions. ЗHere, you will find a huge number of public hospitals and private clinics that earned patients’ trust with ultra-modern equipment and highly competent professionals. 24/7 pharmacies are spread evenly across the territory of Zamalek

Houses prices in Zamalek

The final value of villas and apartments in Cairo depends on numerous criteria. Current prices in euros and dollars are listed on the official Cairo website. If you would like to buy a Zamalek home, please see the average value of houses in the table below:

Number of bedroomsFloor area (m2)FeaturesAverage price (US dollars)
7 1000 Unfurnished, private garden, swimming pool, walk-in wardrobes, balconies, barbecue area, security and concierge services on the premises, garage 3.4 million
5 400 Unfurnished, swimming pool, walk-in wardrobes, balconies, outdoor parking spaces, maid’s room, wine cellar 2.4 million
8 1200 Furnished, private garden, swimming pool, sauna, walk-in wardrobes, balconies, maid’s room, garage, playground, fireplace 4.5 million

Investment house in Zamalek

Many Egyptians and foreigners make a house investment in Zamalek. This district is the third by rental rates after Mohandessin and Dokki, but local rental properties are still in high demand among expats, foreign students, tourists, and professionals visiting Cairo for business.

Tenants living here are usually quite independent, so to them, the cost is not a decisive factor for choosing a home. Owners of residences offering an elegant design and a wide range of first-rate amenities can always be sure of high and stable returns.

Other key reasons to buy a villa in Zamalek include the high liquidity and rapid capital gains. Recent statistics shows that an owner of local real estate can find a buyer interested in their property and resell it for an amount greatly exceeding its initial value at any time.

Buy a house in Zamalek

The wide range of residential and commercial properties from verified agencies, private persons, and construction companies in Cairo is available on the official Cairo website. The well-designed search system with multiple filters makes sure that users of this online platform can find properties that meet all their mandatory criteria. The Cairo team is comprised of only highly competent experts with many years’ experience. Please contact us, and we will gladly help you to select a property, walk you through all stages of closing the deal, and provide high-quality after-sales service.