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Off-plan apartments in Cairo

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Off-plan apartments for sale in Cairo, Egypt

In recent years, property in Cairo, in particular off-plan apartments from developers, is very popular among foreign investors and home buyers. The increased demand for such housing is caused by many factors, including the low cost of an apartment in an off-plan residential project compared to move-in ready options, minimal risks and a variety of offers.

Now in Cairo there are many developers who offer apartments in residential projects at the early stage of construction. Each of these projects is unique and has its own advantages.

Buying apartments in new buildings

Most of the apartments in Cairo's luxury residential projects are sold out long before completion. The risk of the buyer losing their initial investment is minimal because supply is still below demand. If you are accompanied by an experienced real estate specialist, the chance of losing money is reduced to zero. You buy an apartment in a new building at the construction stage in Cairo and after the completion of the object you get a move-in ready apartment in Cairo, the market value of which almost doubles.

Buying an off-plan property attracts many foreign clients and investors due to its many advantages, such as lower prices, flexible payment options and the ability to customize housing for their tastes.

Benefits of off-plan housing

  • Lower prices

    Buying an apartment in a residential project under construction in Cairo, Egypt means getting more for less money. In other words, property is not only more affordable at the time of purchase, but can also increase in value after completion of construction by as much as 20% or 30%.

  • Flexible payment options

    You do not have to invest a large amount at once and risk savings – you pay for real estate in an off-plan project according to the payment schedule, as construction progresses.

  • Home customization

    When buying an off-plan apartment, you can choose the characteristics of the property, for example, the combination of rooms or other layout options.

Off-plan apartments in Cairo at the prices from developers

The cost of off-plan apartments in Cairo may vary depending on the specific residential project. Below are average prices for apartments in various projects under construction in Cairo.

  • Al Maqsad - 11,750 EGP ($600) per square meter;
  • Parkview Hub Town - EGP 14,982 ($765) per square meter;
  • Swan Lake - EGP 18,409 ($940) per square meter;
  • Baroque - EGP 26,145 ($1500) per square meter;
  • Jefaira - EGP 43,576 ($2000) per square meter;
  • Celia - EGP 62,279 ($ 3000) per square meter.

Investment in off-plan apartments in Cairo

Buying an apartment in an off-plan building means becoming the owner of a property with great potential. Taking into account the cost of properties under construction, it can be 25-30% lower than the price of finished ones, an apartment in a residential complex under construction at the price of the developer will be an excellent buy-to-live option or a holiday home, as well as a source of passive income - up to 10-15% per year.

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