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Property for sale in Zamalek, Cairo

Zamalek is a prestigious district of Cairo. It is located in the western part of the city on the island of Gezira. The island is connected to the mainland by bridges. It is home to the most prestigious properties in Cairo. Housing in Zamalek for foreigners is an affordable opportunity to a safe investment.

The neighborhood is known for its magnificent palaces, the date of construction of which dates back to the 19th century. Today, some of them are architectural monuments, actively visited by tourists. In general, real estate in Zamalek for foreigners is associated with villas. There are quite a lot of them in a separate community. Also, foreigners can purchase apartments of different sizes.

Lifestyle in Zamalek

An island in the waters of the Nile allows you to lead a more private lifestyle, but not feel separated from the infrastructure. In Zamalek, you can find a supermarket with English-speaking sellers at almost every turn. The community has many premium hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities. There are also several private schools with a high reputation.

The area is considered one of the richest in green spaces in the city. On its territory there are many attractions, including:

  • the Opera theatre;
  • the museum of ceramics;
  • an art gallery;
  • the viewing platform of the TV tower;
  • Cairo Aquarium.

You can take advantage of excursion programs and visit the Giza pyramids or the city of the dead. In addition, the neighborhood has a vibrant nightlife, which attracts a younger audience to this place. The area is considered safe for living and holidays. Zamalek housing prices also attract foreigners. In the community, you can choose an option for any budget.

Property types and prices

In the neighborhood, you can find not only villas or houses in Cairo. Another popular type of property in Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt is apartments. Most of the projects are low-rise developments. Most of the properties were built in the second half of the last century and are in demand due to the original architecture and high ceilings.

In the sub-community Golden Square, you can find the most exclusive properties. Apartment buildings in this part of the city often have their own name. The buildings bear the names of those families who lived in them from generation to generation. Buying a home in these houses is almost impossible, as the Egyptians pass on property from generation to generation. If one of the apartments enters the market, it finds its buyer within a very short period of time.

Average property prices in Zamalek are as follows:

  • one bedroom apartments cost 170,000-200,000 dollars.
  • the cost of three-bedroom apartments starts from 300,000 dollars.
  • duplex units are available for 550,000 dollars.
  • the price of villas starts from 1 million dollars. However, the cost of exclusive properties can go as high as $4.5 million or more.

The most affordable options are studio apartments. Their price varies from 35,000 to 50,000 dollars. But the number of such offers is limited.

Investment property in Zamalek

The value of real estate in Zamalek, Cairo is capitalized annually. This allows you to profitably resell the property, for which there will always be buyers. Housing in the neighborhood is popular not only among local residents, but also among Europeans. You can also invest in real estate in Zamalek in order to rent it out.

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