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Featured properties
  • Durrat Al Qahira, New Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11865
    £ 11 530 643 - £ 21 620 396
    Type DevelopmentCompletion date: IV quarter, 2026 (Off-plan)1 bedroom: min. £ 11 530 6432 bedrooms: min. £ 21 620 396Distance to the sea 115000 m
  • De Joya, New Capital City, Cairo Governorate Desert, Cairo Governorate
    £ 1 000 000 - £ 6 200 000
    Type DevelopmentCompletion date: IV quarter, 2023 (Off-plan)1 bedroom: min. £ 1 000 0002 bedrooms: min. £ 2 200 0005 bedrooms: min. £ 6 200 000
  • Sky AD, New Capital City, New Administrative Capital, Cairo Governorate Desert, Cairo Governorate 11586
    £ 1 930 000 - £ 4 400 000
    Type DevelopmentCompletion date: III quarter, 2024 (Off-plan)2 bedrooms: min. £ 1 930 0003 bedrooms: min. £ 2 235 0004 bedrooms: min. £ 2 789 0005 bedrooms: min. £ 4 400 000
Best Areas to Buy Investment Property
6th of October
801 property
New Cairo City
1690 properties
Al Hay Al Asher
9 properties
Nasr City
5 properties
Garden City
5 properties
New Heliopolis City
85 properties

Property in Cairo on Cairo.Realestate

Cairo is the largest city and capital of Egypt.With a population over 20 million people, its centuries-old history and culture, the metropolis actively attracts tourists and expats from around the world, which makes housing in Cairo for foreigners in demand. Apartments are a popular solution for a vacation home as well as relocation and investment options. Cairo’s market offers a wide range of move-in ready and off-plan properties.

Property for sale in Cairo, Egypt

In accordance with Law No. 230, adopted in 1996, foreigners can buy property in Cairo. However, for non-residents there are restrictions on the number of properties and their area. In Egypt, a foreigner can own no more than two properties, the area of which does not exceed 4,000 square meters. There are also restrictions on the right of ownership for agricultural lands and territories belonging to the country’s historical heritage.

Considering that the majority of home hunters, choose housing as a place for a family vacation as well as a buy-to-live and buy-to-let option, real estate in Cairo remains affordable for nationals of other countries. Our website offers a comprehensive collection of real-time property options for any budget.

Property types and prices

The city features new move-in housing as well as options under construction. The most popular options are properties in the central neighborhoods with a developed infrastructure. New Cairo is being actively developed. It is located 20 km south of the capital. Here, real estate is chosen by those who prefer modern projects with a full range of amenities, from swimming pools and gyms to concierge service.

Real estate prices in Cairo, Egypt, directly depend on the location, year of construction, number of bedrooms, and whether you need to renovate it. On the local real estate market you can see the following offers:

  • an apartment of 75 sq m in the secondary market worth $76,300;
  • an apartment with an area of 59 sq m in a residential project under construction at a price of $223,300;
  • an apartment with an area of 120 sq m in a newly commissioned residential complex worth $195,700.

A villa with an area of 350 sq m can be purchased for $ 1.3 million. The range of prices is significant, which allows you to find a housing unit at any budget level.

In addition, it is important to consider that the cost of real estate in Cairo varies depending on the economic situation in the country and demand. Therefore, it is better to clarify it immediately before buying.

Life in Cairo

The capital of Egypt is often called the city of contrasts. Here you can find both modern skyscrapers and buildings built in the second half of the 20th century. The architecture of the city is diverse, as is the infrastructure. In many ways, the quality of life depends on the specific area.

The eastern part of the capital is called Islamic. The population is dominated by local residents, there are a large number of mosques and minarets on the territory. The modern part of the metropolis is located in the western and northeastern parts. Modern buildings dominate here. You can find both budget apartments in Cairo, так и роскошные виллы.

Popular areas

Among the popular areas for buying overseas property are:

  • Garden City - a community in the city center. It offers not only residential, but also commercial properties. A distinctive feature is the wide streets and a large number of green spaces.
  • Zamalek is an area in the western part of Cairo. It features several communities where you can find premium apartments.
  • Nasr City is the largest district of the capital. It is known for its developed transport infrastructure and a large number of shopping and entertainment centers.
  • Heliopolis is a community located in close proximity to the international airport. Many foreigners choose to stay here because of the ease of transfer.
  • Maadi is one of the greenest areas. There are a large number of walking areas, including those located on the coast of the Nile.

Investment property in Cairo

The metropolis is ranked as one of the 15 largest cities in the world. It is expected that by 2050, its population will increase to 38 million people. This makes investing in Cairo's housing potentially profitable. Now you can buy housing in Cairo for investment purposes at an affordable cost. Prices will rise over the years. To capitalize on the value, it is recommended to invest in actively developing areas. You can also invest in buy-to-let real estate in Cairo and receive a stable passive income. The average return on investment (ROI) in a metropolis is 5% per annum.

We will help you buy property in Cairo

The website provides exclusive information about the Egyptian real estate market and its statistics. An easy-to-use search filter system allows you to find your ideal apartment or villa in Cairo in the area you prefer. We ensure real-time prices in dollars and euros. On our website, you get:

  • a regularly updated database of property listings from developers and local agencies.
  • Analysis of the residential real estate market in Cairo.
  • Expert advice.

Our real estate specialists are ready to advise you on all matters relating to the cost of housing in Cairo and its purchase. To get advice, fill out the contact form, and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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