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Townhouses in Cairo

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Townhouses for sale in Cairo

A townhouse in Cairo, Egypt, is a great opportunity both for those who are looking for residential real estate for rent, and for those who want to live in a country where the summer lasts all year long. Property for sale in Cairo may be affordable for home buyers. To be sure of this, you can become acquainted with the townhouses in the city on the official website. However, the price is not the only advantage of these residential properties.

The main reasons to buy a townhouse in Cairo

Real estate in the Egyptian capital is one of the most popular investment options for foreign investors. Below are some of the main reasons to purchase a townhouse in Cairo for investment:

  • Tourist attractions. Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East due to its rich culture and history. The Nile River, pyramids and ancient Egyptian villages are just a few examples of local sights of interest.
  • Business opportunities. Cairo is a well-known business destination for businessmen and entrepreneurs from all over the world.
  • Natural conditions. The country offers a unique balance of nature and urban lifestyle. You can easily find townhouses for sale in Egypt with stunning water views, various green areas and many first-class amenities.
  • Unique lifestyle. Local real estate offers you an experience of the Egyptian lifestyle, which combines exotic nature, world-class amenities and many other factors that increase the level of comfort in the city.
  • Upscale amenities. The best townhouses are those that have many additional amenities. Modern houses of this type are inexpensive and at the same time provide residents with the highest level of comfort.

The cost of townhouses

Today, many international investors and end buyers prefer to buy real estate in Egypt, including investments in local townhouses. If you are interested in this type of housing, you can become acquainted with the current prices on the official website.

Average townhouse prices in Cairo are 2,770 EGP ($141) and reach 4,549 EGP ($232) per square meter. The price depends on the location, number of bedrooms, amenities and other features of the residential property.

Uptown Cairo is one of the best residential complexes, which is worth paying attention to. It is located in the heart of the bustling city center. Upper Cairo residents enjoy beautiful homes, world-class amenities and easy access to almost anywhere in the city.

Investment townhouses in Cairo

Residential communities may surprise a European. In some of them, the housing stock is brand new. Moreover, schools, hospitals and universities are equipped with the latest technology. They are surrounded by green spaces. There are many parks and swimming pools nearby. These areas are safe and the air is much cleaner than the average in the Egyptian capital.

Most residential complexes have private clubs and gourmet restaurants, as well as all other urban infrastructure that their residents can only dream of.

When planning to buy a house in Cairo for rent, if you choose the right property, the townhouse will bring you up to 10% per annum.

Buy a townhouse in Cairo

Start searching for a house or apartment in Cairo right away with the extensive real estate database on the website! Here, you will find a luxury townhouse in Cairo from trusted owners and local developers, find out the current prices in euros and dollars, and also receive comprehensive support from experienced market specialists.