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Villas and houses in Cairo

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Villas for sale in Cairo

A house in Cairo, Egypt has recently moved higher in the rating of the most attractive investment assets in the international real estate market. Egyptian residences have the benefit of low cost and high liquidity due to the continuous demand for homes from the quickly growing local population and tourists. Buying villas in Cairo for expats, however, is a decision that entails long-term consequences. You need to take into account multiple factors, including the cost, location, convenience, and functionality. It sometimes takes months of studying catalogs and online platforms to find a suitable property.

It becomes even more complicated to choose property in Cairo as many new promising districts emerge. Let us delve further into key information that will make it easier for the buyer to make a decision and buy a Cairo home.

Today, Egyptian real estate as an investment tool boasts a low risk and a good quality-price ratio. The key parameter is the property’s location and Cairo is the safest bet in this country.

Experts believe that the capital of Egypt is a lucrative investment destination for businessmen and investors in residential properties, such as a villa in Cairo, who can be sure of a stable rental yield and impressive capital gains. High liquidity of Cairo real estate enables its owners to sell their property at any time.

Popular districts

Cairo, just like most other large cities around the world, consists of numerous districts. The following communities are the most popular among expats and real estate investors:

  1. Zamalek. Located in the northern part of Gezira Island in the Nile River, it offers some of the most picturesque views in Cairo. This is where most of the embassies are located, so the streets are full of security personnel, making the community completely safe at any time of the day, which is particularly valuable for expats. Zamalek is also famous for its buzzing nightlife due to a wide range of bars, restaurants, and hookah lounges.
  2. Heliopolis. This is a great district for businesspeople who have to travel frequently, as there is an airport nearby. City Stars, one of Cairo’s largest shopping malls attracting locals and tourists with a wide range of shops and entertainment venues, is also located here. This community accommodates numerous bars and restaurants, which is why it is popular among fans of parties and nightlife.
  3. Nasr City. This is one of the most affluent and modern parts of Cairo. Its area is so huge that the district is divided into East Side and West Side. It has all the necessities for comfortable living, from schools, kindergartens, public universities, and hospitals to shopping malls, bars, restaurants, and brand boutiques. If you buy a villa in Cairo in this community, you can drive from here to the city’s downtown in about half an hour.

Houses prices in Cairo

The cost of villas in Cairo, as well as apartments in Cairo depends on numerous factors. You can find current prices in euros and dollars on the official Cairo website. Please see the average value of houses for sale in Cairo per square meter in the table below:

Number of bedroomsFloor area (m2)AmenitiesAverage value per square meter (US dollars)
4 279 Swimming pool, private garden, playground, barbecue area, fireplace, heated floors, ceramic bathroom tiles, home appliances, garage, areas with vegetation and artificial lakes nearby 700
4 288 Swimming pool, playground, barbecue area, home appliances, designer kitchen, two parking spaces; school, kindergarten, supermarket and hospital nearby 1,160
3 170 Swimming pool, private garden, video surveillance system, home appliances, two parking spaces, landmarks, mosques, international schools and universities nearby 1,500

Investment house in Cairo

Some of the key reasons for a house investment in Cairo are as follows:

  1. The Egyptian economy has grown significantly over the past few years, after several large-scale administrative and economic reforms, making this country a great place for real estate investments
  2. The government invests a lot in infrastructure projects, including roads, power grids, and irrigation systems, contributing to Egypt’s further economic growth
  3. Today, Cairo is a promising location for foreign investment in real estate, offering a huge choice of high-end properties
  4. The country’s mild climate attracts people from all over the world. With sunny days all year round, picturesque nature, historical monuments, and buzzing communities, Cairo has something to offer everyone
  5. Egypt’s effective taxation system has recently undergone major reforms, making it easier than ever for foreigners to invest in the country’s real estate

Buy a house in Cairo

A wide range of residential and commercial properties from verified agencies, private persons, and construction companies in Cairo is available on the official Cairo website. With a well-designed search system and multiple filters, users can easily find villas in Cairo for investment and permanent residence or other properties that meet their criteria. The team of the Cairo online platform includes only highly competent experts with many years’ experience. Please contact us to receive assistance with property selection. Our friendly staff will gladly walk you through all stages of closing the deal and provide quality after-sales service.