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Villas and houses in Heliopolis

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Villas for sale in Heliopolis, Cairo

Purchasing a house in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt means acquiring a lucrative investment asset. Homeowners adopt various strategies: some lease their properties and receive a stable income; others wait for the residence’s price to increase and resell it at a profit. A villa in Heliopolis is a sought-after property among successful locals and a great option for expats who would like to purchase property in Cairo and relocate here for permanent residence.

Heliopolis is a district with high standards of living and a contemporary urban design, offering some of Cairo’s most opulent properties. Villas in Heliopolis for investment and permanent residence attract buyers and tenants with elegant interiors and amenities, such as private swimming pools, gardens, fireplaces, and many others. An international airport is located nearby, so this community is a great choice for foreigners and entrepreneurs who frequently have to fly to other countries on corporate or private business.

Houses for sale in Heliopolis, Cairo boast a prime location, making it much easier for residents to reach any place in the city. Popular among tourists are the following major landmarks within the community:

  • Presidential Palace
  • Al-Orouba Palace
  • Gabalaya Park
  • Baron Empain Palace
  • Heliopolis Library
  • Maryland Park

The community’s major shortcoming is intense traffic in some of its parts, primarily on El Korba and Gesr Al Suez Streets.

Living in Heliopolis

Life in Heliopolis is extremely diverse, as this district attracts people of completely different goals, desires, and habits. Single professionals, entrepreneurs, large families with children, and young couples are equally interested in houses for sale in Heliopolis. This mixed-use community can meet the needs of various categories of buyers.

Heliopolis is a large district that includes many streets. These are the most popular among home-hunters, businessmen, and investors in real estate:

  1. El Korba. This is one of the oldest and most unique parts of the district located between the Al-Ittihadiya Palace and El Khalifa El Maamoun Street. Many new shops, markets, restaurants, and bars attracting tourists and locals have been built here recently. El Korba is one of Heliopolis’ most in-demand streets with the highest prices of residential properties
  2. Gesr Al Suez. Sprawling from Al Asher to Ibn Sandar, this is one of the busiest streets in Heliopolis. Here, you will find inexpensive but high-quality residences with numerous additional amenities. There are many shops and restaurants on this street
  3. Ard El Golf. This street attracts wealthy buyers and tenants of real estate with opulent houses offering exclusive amenities and elegant designs. Ard El Golf is located near Nasr City, in the immediate vicinity of the popular shopping mall City Stars that accommodates a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues

Houses prices in Heliopolis

If you would like to buy a villa in Heliopolis or apartments in Cairo, the price will depend on a long list of parameters, including the floor area and the location. You can find current prices in euros and dollars on the official Cairo website. Please see the average value of houses in Heliopolis in the table below:

Number of bedroomsFloor area (m2)FeaturesAverage value (US dollars)
7 442 Furnished, home appliances, balcony, swimming pool, garden, 24/7 security, study, walk-in wardrobes, garage, barbecue area 1.2 million
6 850 Furnished, home appliances, balcony, swimming pool, garden, air conditioner, maid’s room, overlooking water, playground, garage, barbecue area 1.06 million
8 1,200 Unfurnished, balcony, swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, garden, air conditioner, 24/7 security, maid’s room, private gym, walk-in wardrobes, playground, garage, Jacuzzi, barbecue area 2.03 million

Investment house in Heliopolis

With the right approach, a house investment in Heliopolis may significantly increase the buyer’s income. In this case, the “right approach” means selecting a prime location and setting a fair rent. An investor should buy a Heliopolis home located near all the amenities necessary for comfortable living, analyze the rentals in this district and understand which factors drive it. All calculations and appraisals of the potential return on investment should be completed before closing the deal on the purchase.

Buy a house in Heliopolis

A wide range of residential and commercial properties from verified agencies, private persons, and construction companies in Cairo is available on the official Cairo website. The well-designed search system with multiple filters enables the user interested in buying villas in Heliopolis for expats or other types of real estate in Cairo to find exactly what they are looking for. The Cairo team is comprised of only highly competent professionals with many years’ experience in the Egyptian real estate market. Please contact us! We will gladly help you to select a property, walk you through all stages of closing the deal, and provide quality after-sales service.