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Property for sale in Heliopolis, Cairo

Property for sale in Cairo is popular not only among local residents. It is considered a potentially profitable and promising investment. Heliopolis remains one of the prestigious districts of Cairo. The community is located in the eastern part of the capital of Egypt. It was founded at the beginning of the 20th century and at that time was considered a suburban area. The construction was carried out according to the projects of European architects, which had a direct impact on the architecture of the area. Foreigners tend to invest in Heliopolis real estate, as this area remains one of the most comfortable to live in.

Lifestyle in Heliopolis

The residents of the community are wealthy people. The community is home to the presidential palace and offers a developed infrastructure. Real estate in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt provides access to hospitals and schools, a large number of sports clubs.

There are several major attractions in the including, including:

  • the monument to the Unknown Soldier, commemorating the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat;
  • the October War Panorama;
  • a monument to the last tram that stopped running in Cairo in 2015;
  • the Merryland recreation area;
  • many architectural monuments, including churches.

The community has a developed leisure sector. There are many shopping malls and shops, entertainment facilities, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes. There is an international airport in the neighborhood, which makes real estate in Heliopolis convenient for foreigners in terms of transfer.

Property types and prices

Real estate prices in Heliopolis directly depend on the size and type of residential project. The community features buildings in an authentic architectural style, the distinctive feature of which is the unusual lines of the facades. Also in the community you can find classic high-rise residential projects in Cairo.

Average housing prices in Heliopolis are about $155,000. For this amount you can buy a two-tree-bedroom apartment. The cost of a duplex starts from $200,000. The studio can be bought for $50,000.

New buildings do not have a significant difference in price with secondary housing. For example, an apartment in Porto Heliopolis, an off-plan residential project which is planned to be completed in Q3 2023, is offered for $88,000. However, buying an apartment from a developer opens up opportunities for additional savings in case of a small budget. Many developers offer buyers interest-free installments.

Such a range of real estate prices in Heliopolis, Cairo allows you to choose apartments for any goal and budget.

Investment property in Heliopolis

Housing in Heliopolis is a great investment solution for foreigners. It allows you to receive a stable and high rental income. Another reason to consider investing in property in this area is value capitalization. Real estate becomes more expensive, which allows not only to save money from inflation, but also to receive income from further resale. Comfortable apartments are always in demand.

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