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Apartments and flats in Zamalek

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Apartments for sale in Zamalek, Cairo

Apartments in Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt, can become an excellent platform for moving to a permanent residence, a seasonal holiday in the country, or a profitable investment asset. Zamalek is a prestigious area in Cairo, which is an autonomous community. Owners and tenants of local residential real estate have all the necessary urban infrastructure available within walking distance from their homes. When looking to buy a property in Cairo, be sure to pay attention to this area, which is especially popular for apartments in Zamalek for investment and permanent residence.

In the past, luxurious and ornate villas built in the 19th century dominated the territory of Zamalek, which was traditionally beloved by wealthy foreigners and Egyptian royals. Today, it is an area of apartment buildings with 7-15 floors, most of which were built in the 1960s and 1970s.

It is still considered the richest district of Cairo. However, most of the elegant villas were demolished. The government has banned the demolition of only a few old mansions which are currently used as private residences, embassies, commercial units, and boutique hotels.

Old apartment buildings with high ceilings in the Egyptian style are in the greatest demand in the local market. However, such residential properties are quite difficult to find because they are rarely put up for sale. Most owners inherit them from their families.

The most famous and exclusive apartment buildings are located in the southern part of Zamalek in a place called "Golden Square". The buildings are named after the families who have lived there for decades. These are El Badrawa, Wadie Saad and Lakah. Each floor has a unique and personal history. Apartments in these houses are in high demand and rarely enter the market. If one of the owners decided to sell a property, there would be at least 10 people who would be ready to buy a flat in Zamalek immediately and without bargaining.

Life in Zamalek

This popular residential area in Cairo is located in the northern part of Gezira Island. The shores are washed by the Nile. This area is a symbol of the old, comfortable world with added modern amenities and entertainment. The local streets are shaded by tall, lush trees and overlook the majestic river, so they are perfect for long walks. The community boasts a vibrant nightlife, a variety of eateries, and many cultural events.

It allows people to take a break from the lively atmosphere of Cairo, with a population of 12 million people, according to the latest census data. The community offers a unique and friendly lifestyle. Many local families have known each other for generations. The fact that the district was built as an autonomous one is an additional advantage. Its territory offers all the necessary urban infrastructure for a comfortable life, including schools, kindergartens, hospitals, pharmacies, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Apartment prices in Zamalek

Prices for apartments and villas in Cairo depend on the type and quality of real estate, as well as the area, location, amenities, and other factors. Up-to-date prices in euros and dollars are available on the official website of "Cairo". The following table shows the average cost of apartments in Zamalek:

Number of bedroomsArea (m2)FeaturesAverage cost (US dollars)
4 270 Furniture and household appliances, central air conditioning system, concierge service, maid's room, dressing rooms, landmark view, 24-hour security, balcony, pet permit. 317,900
4 300 Partially furnished, household appliances, central air conditioning system, gym, swimming pool, concierge service, maid's room, dressing rooms, water view, children’s playground, 24-hour security, balcony, pet permit. 940,900
3 465 Furniture and household appliances, central air conditioning system, gym, swimming pool, sauna, barbecue area, concierge service, maid's room, dressing rooms, children’s playground, 24-hour security, balcony, pet permit, covered parking. 2,5 million

Investment apartments in Zamalek

The community is one of the most densely populated areas of Egypt. Local real estate is in high demand among wealthy Europeans and Egyptians interested in buying or renting flats for sale in Zamalek. Therefore, investors in Egyptian real estate are looking for an opportunity to buy an apartment in Zamalek.

Most investors rent out apartments to receive a stable passive income. Since many tenants here are wealthy, they are willing to cover a high monthly fee for a property with a luxurious design and a wide range of amenities. In addition, residential units in the community are growing in price and traditionally maintain a high level of liquidity. A few years after the transaction, investors can resell the property and receive capital gains.

Buy apartments in Zamalek

A rich choice of residential and commercial real estate from trusted agencies, individuals and construction companies in Cairo is available on the official website of "Cairo". Thanks to a well-designed search engine with numerous filters, users of the online platform can find suitable accommodation that meets all their needs. The company’s team consists of only highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the real estate business. Contact them to receive assistance in buying an apartment in Zamalek, support during the deal, and high-quality after-sales service.