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Apartments and flats in Maadi

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Apartments for sale in Maadi

Property for sale in Cairo attracts ex-pats moving to the country, as well as businessmen and investors. The Egyptian capital offers a well-developed social infrastructure, a picturesque natural environment, and sunny weather. Apartments in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, are in high demand among foreign nationals. Wide boulevards and spacious flats in this respectable area are created to meet the needs of Europeans and other visitors.

Flats for sale in Maadi are ideal for people who want to get the best out of life in the center of Cairo, use unique amenities and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by green areas. Within walking distance from most apartment buildings, you can find all the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life, including shops, pharmacies, and hospitals.

Life in Maadi

Maadi offers a unique lifestyle that has been shaped by the following features:

  1. Green areas. For many years, Cairo has had a policy requiring residents to maintain and improve their gardens. There are a variety of palm trees, cacti, and other exotic plant species growing nearby. Trees provide shade in hot summers and also purify the air.
  2. Unlimited shopping opportunities. The community has plenty of supermarkets with a wide range of goods. Local cafés and gourmet restaurants serve European, Japanese, American, and even Russian cuisine. The Grand-mall and Maadi Carrefour shopping centers located in the district offer many opportunities for shopping and entertainment. In the shops, you can even find tools and building materials.
  3. Sports clubs. Sports clubs in Cairo are different from other fitness centers in the world. In most local establishments, visitors can enjoy various sports. Membership provides access to a swimming pool, football field, basketball court, and other sports facilities. In addition, there are special places in the clubs where you can eat and spend time with friends. Local fitness centers differ from similar establishments in other parts of the city in that they are visited by many ex-pats. For foreigners, they offer a good tool for adapting to a new place.
  4. High level of security. The population of the community consists of wealthy ex-pats and Egyptians. There are also many embassies. Most of them have security, so the locals benefit too. The people here are friendly and willing to help strangers in difficult situations. The district is one of the safest areas in the heart of Cairo.
  5. Clean streets. When residents find themselves on the streets of Cairo, they begin to miss their clean neighborhoods. In the Egyptian capital, a lot of people throw garbage out on the street. Because of this attitude towards order, you can find polluted rivers and plastic pyramids here. The district is one of the few exceptions. The mentality of the locals is different from that of other Cairo residents, and, unlike other areas, janitors and cleaners work here.

Apartment prices in Maadi

Many factors influence the prices for flats and villas in Cairo, such as the type and quality of real estate, area, location, and amenities. Relevant prices in euros and dollars are available on the official website of "Cairo". The following table shows the average cost of apartments in Maadi:

Number of bedroomsArea (m2)FeaturesAverage cost (US dollars)
2 105 Unfurnished, household appliances, central air conditioning system, concierge service, pet permit, 24-hour security, balcony, underground parking, children’s playground. 68,500
3 260 Unfurnished, household appliances, central air conditioning system, concierge service, pet permit, 24-hour security, gym, swimming pool, balcony, underground parking, children’s playground. 177,800
3 380 Furniture and household appliances, central air conditioning system, concierge service, pet permit, 24-hour security, gym, swimming pool, private Jacuzzi, maid's room, dressing rooms, balcony, water view, underground parking, children’s playground, barbecue area. 413,800

Investment apartments in Maadi

As it is a popular ex-pat community, local rental properties enjoy the attention of foreign nationals. To buy an apartment in Maadi for investment, investors need to choose real estate carefully. They should make sure that these apartments in Maadi for investment and permanent residence are of high quality, offer a wide range of amenities, and are located in a good area.

Buy an Apartment in Maadi

If you are considering buying an apartment in Maadi, you can find a great choice of residential and commercial real estate from trusted agencies, individuals and construction companies in Cairo on the official website of "Cairo". Thanks to a well-thought-out search engine with diverse filters, users of the online platform can find properties that meet all their needs. The professional team consists only of highly qualified real estate brokers with many years of experience. To buy a flat in Maadi, you can turn to them to receive assistance in choosing the right property for you, support during the deal, and high-quality after-sales service.