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Property for sale in Maadi, Cairo

Maadi is one of the popular neighborhoods of Cairo. Real estate in Maadi for foreigners is an affordable opportunity to profitably invest money, as well as become homeowners in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Property in Cairo in Maadi is located in a picturesque and green suburban area. Often this community is compared with prestigious neighborhoods in other cities, as it is a popular destination among wealthy property buyers.

Lifestyle in Maadi

The area began to be developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Gradually, its advantages were appreciated not only by wealthy representatives of the Arab population, but also by expats. Real estate in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt provides access to a developed infrastructure. Community facilities include:

  • a landscaped area;
  • many shopping malls and shops;
  • a wide range of fine dining restaurants and cafes;
  • a large number of fitness centers.

Also in the area there are necessary social institutions: hospitals, pharmacies, schools, as well as the American University, Cairo Victoria College and the British International School. The level of security is very high and many countries choose Maadi to host diplomatic missions in the capital of Egypt.

Property types and prices

The area is divided into several sub-communities. There you can find all popular types of real estate. The housing market offers one-story houses and apartments in multi-apartment residential projects in Cairo. Expats can also purchase luxury villas, most of which are located in the sub-community of El Sarayat.

In comparison with major European cities, real estate prices in Maadi are quite affordable and offer plenty of options for any budget. The average housing prices in this neighborhood look as follows:

  • prices for two-bedroom apartments start at $70,000. Similar apartments, equipped with furniture and ready to move can be bought at the price starting from $100,000.
  • three-bedroom apartments are sold for $150,000 and more. The final cost is affected by the the number of amenities the project has to offer. A concierge service, walking and playing areas, a swimming pool increase the price.

The average cost of villas in Maadi, Cairo is about $1 million.

Investment property in Maadi

The area is popular among foreigners not only thanks to the developed infrastructure, but also because of the wide range of properties and prices. This allows you to invest in Maadi real estate and receive a stable income from renting it out. Exclusive high quality properties can be found in the sub-communities of Degla and Zahraa el Maadi. More affordable prices for Maadi housing are in the sub-community of Taknat el Maadi and Hadaek el Maadi. This allows you to choose apartments as an investment with any budget and make profit out of further capitalization of the cost.

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