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Apartments and flats in Heliopolis

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Apartments for sale in Heliopolis

Property in Cairo can become one of the most profitable assets in any investor's portfolio if he chooses the right property. The Egyptian capital includes plenty of districts, each of which offers a wide range of different types of residential units. Businessmen and investors who want to invest with minimal risks should take a closer look at apartments in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

Heliopolis is one of the most refined areas of Cairo and a favorite community for foreigners, wealthy ex-pats, and Egyptians. It stands out among others with many advantages that make it the best place for a comfortable stay in the capital. These include developed social infrastructure, green spaces, and beautiful landscapes, as well as a strategic location.

The district is located in the eastern part of the capital, near Mokattam, Nasr City, and New Cairo. It is easily accessible by the main roads, which include Al Galaa, Al Orouba, Salah Salem, and Al Nasr. In addition, the unique location allows locals to quickly reach the Cairo International Airport.

Moreover, apartment complexes on its territory offer elegant interiors and various amenities. All these factors make these properties extremely popular in the local real estate market.

Life in Heliopolis

Previously, Heliopolis was a suburb of Cairo. It then merged with the capital and became one of its richest districts. The community was founded in 1905 by Heliopolis Oasis, headed by the Belgian industrialist Edward Empin and Pogos Nubar, the son of the Prime Minister of Egypt, Nubar Pasha. It was named after an ancient Egyptian city. The Cairo International Airport is located on the territory of Heliopolis. Its population is about 142,000 people.

The area offers a wide choice of places to relax, as it was originally positioned as a resort destination. Here, you can find a club of the same name, which is one of the most prestigious sports clubs in Egypt. It was founded in the community in 1905. Until 1915, Heliopolis was home to Luna Park, the first amusement park in Africa (its grounds were used as an Australian field hospital after the outbreak of the First World War).

Merryland is also a well-known recreation area, which was extremely popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Currently, it is a small amusement park with a lake. There are also several sports clubs in the area, which are in demand among residents of the entire city. These include El Shams, Heliolido, Al Ghaba, and Al Tayaran.

The community has several popular cafés and gourmet restaurants, such as Harris, Starbucks, Cilantro, Costa Coffee, and Beanos. In addition, there are many traditional Egyptian catering establishments, as well as a wide range of bars and nightclubs. There are dozens of cinemas in the area, including the Normandy Cinema on Al Ahram Street and the new cinemas in Horia Mall and City Stars shopping centers.

Apartment prices in Heliopolis

Prices for apartments in Nasr City for investment and permanent residences and villas in Cairo depend on various factors, including the type and quality of the property, area, location, and amenities. Up-to-date prices in euros and dollars are available on the official website of "Cairo". The following table shows the average cost of apartments in Nasr City:

Number of bedroomsArea (m2)FeaturesAverage cost (US dollars)
2 127 Partially furnished, household appliances, central air conditioning system, 24-hour security, concierge service, underground parking, balcony, relaxation area, gym, children’s playground. 86,300
3 150 Unfurnished, household appliances, central air conditioning system, 24-hour security, concierge service, underground parking, balcony, gym, swimming pool, children's pool, playground, barbecue area, sauna, pet permit. 149,900
4 360 Unfurnished, household appliances, central air conditioning system, 24-hour security, concierge service, underground parking, balcony, gym, swimming pool, children’s playground, pet permit. 279,400

Investment apartments in Heliopolis

The district attracts investors who are interested in purchasing flats for sale in Heliopolis with stable high rental returns. As it is home to many attractions, such as the Jewish Temple, Sindibad, the Presidential Palace, the Palace of Arabism, Merryland Park, the Baron’s Palace, and old churches, local rental properties are always in great demand among tourists. Therefore, buying an apartment in Heliopolis for investment is not only a great way to diversify assets, but is also a liquid source of income.

Buy an Apartment in Heliopolis

A rich choice of residential and commercial real estate from trusted agencies, individuals and construction companies in Cairo is available on the official website of "Cairo". Thanks to a well-designed search engine with numerous filters, users of the online platform can find and buy a flat in Heliopolis that meets all their needs. The company’s team consists of only highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the real estate industry. They can help you to buy an apartment in Heliopolis, stay safe during the deal and receive high-quality after-sales service.