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Apartments and flats in Garden City

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Apartments for sale in Garden City, Cairo

Property for sale in Cairo continues to attract businessmen and investors. Some of the popular properties on the local real estate market are apartments in Garden City, Cairo, Egypt. This type of housing offers a wide range of advantages that other residential properties do not have. These include magnificent views from the windows and many exceptional amenities.

Apartments in Garden City for investment and permanent residence combine European innovations and authentic Egyptian elements. There are several world-class hotels in the area, such as Kempinski, the Four Seasons, and Semiramis, as well as foreign embassies. Therefore, local apartments are in high demand among wealthy Egyptians and ex-pats working in international corporations.

The real estate market offers buyers both luxury apartments and villas, while the demand from tenants and investors for apartments is higher than for detached houses. Flats for sale in Garden City are spacious, stylish, and elegant. Residential complexes with such apartments are equipped with modern amenities and constructed of high-quality materials that guarantee their inhabitants a comfortable stay. The price/quality ratio of such properties is extremely beneficial for buyers.

Life in Garden City

Garden City is a well-planned green area south of downtown Cairo. Its history began in 1905 when the owners of the Nile Land and Agricultural Company asked architect Jose Lamba to design a new area. The architect's vision made the creation of an eco-friendly suburb with developed infrastructure and elegant design possible. Lamba preferred the Art Nouveau style with small green streets, curved lines, and triangular roads that brought the pedestrian back to where he started.

In this modern community, you can find several large hotels and embassies, including British and American missions. Despite the proximity to the city center, residents of the district can enjoy a peaceful environment with a high level of security. In the 1930s, it gained a reputation as a prestigious community, which it retains to this day. Therefore, local real estate is extremely popular with wealthy buyers and tenants. The price is not paramount for them.

The district is an ideal choice for those who want to lead a healthy and happy life in the heart of Cairo. The community was built on the concept of a "city within a city" with all the necessary infrastructure for families, including kindergartens, schools, a bank, post offices, hospitals and pharmacies, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Apartment prices in Garden City

Apartments and villas in Cairo differ in type, quality, location, and, of course, cost. Up-to-date prices in euros and dollars are available on the official website of "Cairo". The following table shows the average cost of apartments in Garden City:

Number of bedroomsArea (m2)FeaturesAverage cost (US dollars)
3 160 Unfurnished, two elevators, one parking space, wooden floor, open kitchen, balcony, air conditioning, security, children’s playground. 228,800
2 170 Unfurnished, household appliances in the kitchen, two elevators, ceramic tiles in the bathroom, underground parking, gym, swimming pool, balcony, air conditioning, security, children’s playground, garden. 264,400
4 360 Furniture, household appliances in the kitchen, terrace, air conditioning, maid service, water view, security, gym, swimming pool, sauna, children’s playground, underground parking. 1,2 million

Investment apartments in Garden City

The community ranks third in the most sought-after areas of Cairo among tenants of residential real estate after Zamalek and Maadi. That is why buying an apartment in Garden City for investment is the best thing an entrepreneur can do for his portfolio. In addition to the fact that buying flats for sale in Garden City is a great opportunity to diversify assets, it will also generate medium and long-term profits.

Buyers who have invested in the real estate of the district receive a stable and high rental income. The most important thing is to choose the right property and set a fair rental for it. To determine its level, it is worth conducting market research and finding out what rent is charged by landlords of similar residential units in the community.

It needs to be borne in mind that local real estate continues to grow in price and maintains a high level of liquidity. If an investor decides to sell his property, he can quickly find a buyer and earn capital gains.

Buy an Apartment in Garden City

A wide range of residential and commercial real estate from trusted agencies, individuals and construction companies in Cairo is available on the official website of "Cairo". Thanks to a well-designed search engine with numerous filters, users of the online platform can find and buy an apartment in Garden City that meets all their needs. The company’s team consists of only highly qualified experts with many years of experience in the real estate sector. When you decide to buy a flat in Garden City, contact them to receive assistance in finding the right property, support at all stages of the transaction, and high-quality after-sales service.