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Villas and houses in Nasr City

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Villas for sale in Nasr City, Cairo

A house in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt is an attractive asset that will grow the wealth of all businessmen and investors with a responsible approach to selecting a property and closing the deal on the purchase. Local real estate is a great option for foreigners who would like to buy a Nasr City home for vacations or relocate to this country for permanent residence. Property in Cairo, particularly in Nasr City, generates a stable rental yield and its price increases every year.

Nasr City is located in the eastern part of Cairo, between Heliopolis, Al Mokattam, and New Cairo. This is considered to be one of the richest and most modern communities in the Egyptian capital. Locals call it “a city that never sleeps”. The buzzing district boasts a huge number of entertainment venues, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, and cafes scattered over its territory.

The demand for high-quality houses for sale in Nasr City has always been high but it has been growing particularly rapidly of late. Overpopulation is the district’s only shortcoming. Nevertheless, home-hunters and investors are still interested in new projects under construction here. Local homes are mostly apartments, but houses and villas in Nasr City for investment and permanent residence deserve particular attention.

Living in Nasr City

Life in Nasr City is suitable for almost everyone, from single professionals, entrepreneurs, and students to families with children and young couples. This district features extensive amenities, such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, banks, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. There are many parks here. Public transit, such as the underground, buses, and taxis, is also available, which is a great advantage for expats.

The community is divided into eastern and western parts, each with many streets. Here are the most important ones:

  1. Abbas El Akkad. This is one of the busiest shopping streets intersecting with Mostafa El-Nahaas Street and Zaker Hussein Street. There are many shops, restaurants, and cafés here, as well as the Wonderland shopping mall and an international park that attracts tourists with exciting entertainment options
  2. Makram Ebeid. Here, you will find many furniture and sanitary fittings shops. City Stars Shopping Mall and Children’s Park are the most famous landmarks on this street
  3. 1st Zone . This is the most famous and affluent street in Nasr City dubbed the Golden Square. It is popular among tourists, which makes for a buzzing and vibrant environment
  4. Mostafa El-Nahaas. The major streets of Nasr City, including Abbas El Akkad, Makram Ebeid, and Hassan El Mamoun merge into Mostafa El-Nahaas, famous for its broad sidewalks and a huge choice of shops and restaurants

Houses prices in Nasr City

The value of a villa in Nasr City or apartments in Cairo varies depending on a long list of criteria, which include the floor area and location. Current prices in euros and dollars are available on the official Cairo website. Please see the average value of houses for sale in Nasr City, Cairo in the table below:

Number of bedroomsFloor area (m2)FeaturesAverage price (US dollars)
3 265 Unfurnished, air conditioner, 24/7 security, swimming pool, children’s swimming pool, private gym, maid’s room, garage, balcony, barbecue area 457,000
6 517 Unfurnished, air conditioner, swimming pool, maid’s room, walk-in wardrobes, overlooking water, playground, balcony, outdoor parking spaces, private Jacuzzi 1.1 million
7 559 Unfurnished, 24/7 security, swimming pool, maid’s room, walk-in wardrobes, playground, garage, private garden, balcony, barbecue area, sauna, wine cellar 1.8 million

Investment house in Nasr City

With numerous new residential projects, this is a perfect district in which to purchase a buy-to-live or a buy-to-rent property. A house investment in Nasr City is a reliable solution for a buyer who wants to receive stable rental yield and achieve capital gains. If you buy a villa in Nasr City boasting an opulent design, high quality, and a wide range of premium amenities, such a property will always be in demand among tenants and buyers.

Buy a house in Nasr City

A wide selection of residential and commercial properties from verified agencies, private persons, and construction companies in Cairo is listed on the official Cairo website. A well-designed search system with multiple filters enables users of this online platform to find properties that match their criteria. Our team is comprised of only highly competent professionals with multi-year experience. Please contact us, so we could help you with buying villas in Nasr City for expats or other activities in the Cairo real estate market. Our consultants will help you to select a property, walk you through all stages of closing the deal on your purchase, and provide quality after-sales service.