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MNHD developer in Cairo

Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development (MNHD) is one of the largest Egyptian companies, with many years of experience in the real estate construction field. Today, the developer is striving to offer more unique projects throughout Egypt, including its capital, Cairo. MNHD developer in Cairo, Egypt adheres to its strategy, helping them to continuously develop in the construction industry and to move forward globally.

History and specifics of the brand

Madinat Ash for Housing & Development (LTD) was founded in 1959 and has through the years been developing master projects to meet the needs of millions of Egyptians and foreign investors.

At present, real estate is considered to be one of the fastest-growing industries in Egypt. In this regard, great growth opportunities are opening up for the MNHD construction company in Cairo. The developer strives to use every opportunity to prove its superiority in providing industry expertise and innovation.

Over the coming years, the real estate sector will become one of the key economic factors of Egypt's GDP growth. MNHD recognizes that meeting the needs of industry and the public will be crucial to ensuring healthy growth. The company’s already working to attract and serve a far more affluent segment of society - the middle class, providing affordable housing options to hundreds of thousands of Egyptians, not just the 1% wealthy society.

Many years of experience allow us to better understand the evolution of housing needs, overcome current problems and identify those in the future. Going beyond the everyday, MNHD strives to offer exceptional solutions while maintaining the highest level of quality, professionalism, and sophistication.

MNHD focuses its efforts on 4 main projects, which employ over 450 experienced employees. In its activities, the company focuses on the following tasks:

  • sale;
  • purchase;
  • land division;
  • real estate development;
  • construction of residential, commercial buildings and real estate;
  • property management;
  • provision of engineering and architectural services.

MNHD also owns two companies: El Nasr For Civil Works and EL Nasr for Facilities.

Investment attractiveness of MNHD

The built residential complexes of MNHD developer are distinguished by their exceptional quality and original architectural appearance, as well as a balance between sophistication and practicality. At the same time, all residential projects are ideally thought out, including from the point of view of location – these are often popular areas of the city in which there is a stable demand for rental housing.

If you are planning a property from an MNHD developer in Cairo for rent, you can count on a 6.8-8.2% income per year. To find a promising property for investment, contact the manager on our website!

Buy real estate from MNHD

The catalogue on our website presents apartments, villas, penthouses from MNHD with the prices of the developer. If necessary, our experts will advise you on the purchase and sale, as well as help you to safely buy a property in Cairo from the developer!