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  • Markets of Egypt and other developing countries are offering great opportunities for property technology

    Developing countries are increasingly applying data and software to revolutionize real estate markets, optimize processes, and satisfy the needs of young people and enterprises. Property technology makes it possible to make commercial transactions with residential, retail, and office premises more efficiently and at more equitable terms. These...

  • How to get a residence permit in Egypt?

    Although Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations, it is also a modern country that attracts people from all over the world who want to settle here permanently, spend a summer vacation, invest in local real estate or open a business. The long list of reasons for such increased interest includes the low cost of living, great opportunities in the...

  • Egyptian real estate sector is growing at rapid rates

    The real estate sector in Egypt remains a reliable investment destination, as economic challenges and growing prices are looming on the horizon. Such investment has long been an integral part of the Egyptian culture and now, under the circumstances of unprecedented inflation, it has proven its benefits again compared to, say, gold or certificates...

  • Investment rules, or how to invest money not to lose it

    The preservation and increase of capital are the basis of almost any goal. Whether it is paying for a child's education, securing a comfortable pension or achieving financial independence, what a person invests in plays a huge role in his success, but it is not just about choosing winning stocks or buying precious metals. When investing, an...

  • Arabisk Development is planning to build three projects in El Shorouk, a suburb of Cairo

    According to Invest-Gate, Arabisk Real Estate Development is planning the construction of three projects with a system of guaranteed rental income in different districts of El Shorouk. El Shorouk is an emerging suburb located to the northeast of Cairo and to the north of New Cairo. This is one of the innovative cities of the “third...

  • Price review and prospects of the real estate market in Cairo for 2023

    The market of real estate in Cairo remains one of the most promising segments in the international arena. Houses and apartments in the Egyptian capital continue to attract investors and end users. The attention of the former can be explained by the developed tourism industry of the city, which creates a constant influx of tenants and buyers. The...

  • Egypt and Nigeria signed deals worth $30 million

    The first Nigeria-Egypt Trade Conference and Exhibition has finished in Cairo. At the closing ceremony, companies from both countries signed partnership agreements for the amount of $30 million. El Sharkawi, Chairman, Egypt African Businessmen’s Association, noted in his statement issued on September 14 that six companies from these two...

  • The Ark Development is entering the Egyptian real estate market by making an EGP 30 billion investment

    The Ark Development was founded by several groups with extensive and diverse experience in real estate, construction, technologies, pharmaceuticals, hospitality industry, and car-building. It has recently announced the start of operations in the Egyptian real estate market. The company is going to invest up to EGP 30 billion in the first project...

  • Pros and cons of living in Cairo for foreigners

    Egypt is extremely popular with immigrants from around the world. It attracts tourists from abroad as well as ex-pats. The sunny country, known all over the world for its ancient monuments and modern attractions, can boast of many advantages, such as a low cost of living, a wide range of opportunities in the labour market, a friendly population...

  • Fitch says commercial real estate in Egypt remains a high-return investment option

    The report on Egyptian real estate for the second quarter of 2022 from the analytical agency Fitch Solutions says that this type of investment still yields very high returns, which is great news for direct foreign investment. According to Fitch, the power of this sector and the general situation there encourage investment, as 20 new cities are...

  • Developer Memaar Al-Ashraaf entered into a contract with Etqan consulting firm to launch development projects in New Cairo

    The Egyptian developer Memaar Al-Ashraaf signed a contract with Etqan Business Development, a firm that specializes in marketing and financial consulting, to launch multifunctional commercial property projects in New Cairo in the last quarter of 2022. This step is a part of the company’s strategy of expanding in the Egyptian market and...

  • The process of buying real estate in Egypt for foreigners

    Real estate in Cairo and other developed Egyptian cities continues to be an attractive destination for foreign investors, ex-pats and people who want to have a holiday home in a sunny place surrounded by picturesque natural scenery. The local market offers a wide range of high-quality housing options, both in the elite segment and in the more...